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Carlos Negron Dissertation

The other suspect was identified as Bezilel Hutchinson, 38, of New York City.

Trooper Negron, a member of the force for two years, is survived by his wife, Aida, and a son, Carlos Jr., who will be a year old on May 21.

Colonel Pagano, other state police officials and witnesses gave this account of the crime:

Trooper Negron, who was attached to Troop D's turnpike patrol, came upon the van at about 8:10 A.M. a mile south of Exit 8. The state police thought the vehicle, a 1976 two- tone blue Ford with North Carolina license plates, had run out of gasoline. Trooper Negron parked his patrol car in front of it, walked to the van and started to talk with the van's driver. 'Just a Regular Stop'

''It was just a regular stop to assist a motorist in trouble,'' Colonel Pagano said. But as Trooper Negron was talking to the driver, the colonel said, the passenger got out of his door.

Almost immediately, shots rang out and the trooper was hit. At least one bullet shattered the rear window of his patrol car. Another hit the car's trunk.

The trooper managed to fire two shots from his 11-shot, 9-millimeter service pistol before falling.

The two men ran into the woods along the turnpike as a plainclothes state trooper, also on routine patrol, came upon the scene. He tried to aid Trooper Negron and was joined by a motorist who had witnessed the shooting.

The two men who had been in the van continued to shoot as they ran off, Colonel Pagano said. Workers at Store Tied Up

The suspects ran about a mile eastward through woods and fields to a Lawn Doctor store, a garden center on Cedarville Road. There they accosted a worker, George Leon, 19, as he was mowing the front lawn. Mr. Leon was taken into the main office and bound at a desk with telephone cord.

As the men left the office, two other employees, Scott Riggs, 30, and Scott Tempel, 30, drove into the yard. Both were taken to a garage and bound to beams with telephone cord.

As the two suspects were getting into a company van parked in front of the garage, a uniformed policeman from the nearby Cranbury police force pulled into the yard. He noticed the two men, apparently mistook them for employees and asked if they had seen anybody fleeing through the area.

The suspects told the officer ''that way,'' pointing toward the south, and the policeman drove off.

Mike Josephson, the 27-year-old son of the owner of the landscaping company, drove into the yard. He said he approached the van and pulled open its front door.

Threatened With Pistol

''I said, 'What the hell's going on here,' '' Mr. Josephson said. ''And this guy pulled out an automatic pistol and pointed it right at my chest from about two feet away and said, 'Get into the shop with the others.' ''

Mr. Josephson said he hurried into the store and the van sped off.

The two suspects drove north for about two miles through winding country roads to State Highway 33. There the van was spotted by State Trooper Thomas Suscewicz, who said that as he tried to pull the van over, it accelerated ''quickly to between 85 and 90 miles per hour.'' Van Hits Utility Pole

The trooper pursued the van east for about three miles and overtook it on a slight left bend on Highway 33. He pulled abreast, and as he did, the van veered toward the right shoulder of the road. It mounted a guard rail, hit a utility pole about 10 feet above the ground and broke apart.

The right front tire of the van flew off and ricocheted off the hood and roof of Trooper Suscewicz's patrol car. He managed to stop the vehicle on the highway median.

A 9-millimeter handgun, thought to be the murder weapon, was found on the roadway, Colonel Pagano said.

Trooper Negron was not wearing a bullet proof vest when slain. Such protective equipment is available to all New Jersey state troopers, but its use is optional, Colonel Pagano said.

At a press conference this afternoon at the headquarters of Troop D in New Brunswick, Governor Kean said: ''The murder of Trooper Negron was a despicable, cowardly act. It was an attack on every individual in this state. My heart and the heart of every New Jerseyan goes out to Trooper Negron's family.''

Mr. Daniels was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison on Jan. 31, 1964, for a 1963 killing in Queens. He was paroled in 1979 for reasons that were not clear today.

The police in New York said Mr. Daniels had been a ''prime suspect'' in the slaying of Ira Adams and Karen Jefferson, both in their 20's, who were found shot to death in Queens on March 19, according to Officer Joseph McConville, a police spokesman.

Mr. Adams was found dead of a gunshot wound of the head in a van at 195th Street and Linden Boulevard in St. Albans. In a jacket in the van, the police found a piece of paper bearing the address 117-16 201st Street, a private house about seven blocks from the the spot where the van was found. In the house, Miss Jefferson was found dead, also of a gunshot wound of the head.

Ballistics tests later showed that the bullets that killed Mr. Adams and Miss Jefferson were fired from the same gun, and the police said evidence had been found that placed Mr. Daniels inside the van where Mr. Adams had been found slain.

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