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Dvla Registration Assignment Period

If you buy with us we can carry out transfers on your behalf. Just Contact Us for help!

Retention Certificates are ideal if you wish to keep the registration mark without transferring it to a vehicle – for example if you want to keep the registration as a short term investment. Assignment certificates can be obtained in someone else’s name so they are ideal if you want to buy a registration as a gift. Read on to find out what is involved with each of these processes.

Transferring registration marks to a vehicle

Before you can transfer a number plate to a vehicle, you must first have a valid DVLA certificate granting you rights to the registration mark. If you buy through us we will ensure that this is provided as part of the transaction.

There are two different forms which allow you rights to a registration:

Once you have your V750 or V778 certificate you can apply to the DVLA to assign the number plate to a vehicle. Remember you cannot make a vehicle look newer than it actually is! For example “TT51 AUD” can not go onto “Y344 JFD” and “K9 AMR” can not be transferred to “C557 TGB”.

Please Note: A UK personalised registration number can only be assigned to a vehicle which is licensed (or due to be licensed) and registered in the UK.  It is possible to transfer to a vehicle which is currently SORN, providing the vehicle has had no breaks in the taxation history.    In addition you cannot put a personalised registration number onto a vehicle currently displaying a ‘Q’ number plate.

You can now apply to assign Registration marks online using your V750 or V778 Certificate & V5C (receiving vehicle) Document reference numbers.   The site to do this  is

If you would rather apply by Post to assign the number plate, you must send the DVLA:

  • the completed V750 or V778, signed by the person named at the top of the certificate
  • the Registration Certificate (V5C) OR the new keeper supplement with a completed V62

The DVLA recommend you allow 14 days for the registration certificate (V5C) to be returned to you following your application.    Current address for Cherished Number applications is DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DS

The vehicle must also be taxed or SORN, although you can submit the appropriate taxation fees and documents along with the assignment request if needed.

Once DVLA confirms the transfer you may then display your new cherished number plates on your vehicle.   The plates themselves, can be purchased from for quality 3D Perspex plates or simply add them to your shopping cart during the checkout for your registration.    We request that orders for plates are not made with plates-posted unless you have purchased the personalised reg mark from us previously.

Personalising your vehicle

Custom number plates are an exciting addition to one’s motor vehicle. Number plates (or ‘licence plates’ to those of us inclined towards American phraseology) were developed solely for practical purposes, as a means of presenting a unique identifier for the various vehicles on the road, but the human tendency to envisage order from chaos was clearly underestimated, for these purportedly random combinations of letters and numbers were, before long, being imagined by motorists and pedestrians alike as spelling out words or short phrases.

It was therefore perhaps inevitable that those registration plates that were particularly suggestive of recognisable words would be valued by those with an eye for such novelty, and demand surged. To have a custom licence plate became a status symbol, and obtaining such an identifier for one’s car became a goal for many of those more inclined toward frivolous pursuits. To this day, they remain indicative of those with something of a sideways view on life who wish to demonstrate this through the combination of letters and numbers used to distinguish their vehicle from others.

Of course, it is important not to get so caught up in the thrill of obtaining a customised number plate that you find yourself wilfully breaking the law. To that end, it’s vital that you follow any necessary regulations in place which dictate how you may purchase and use personalised numbers.

Obtaining a custom number plate

First of all, you should understand how the issuing of custom number plates works. All plates necessarily originate with the DVLA, since only they have the authority to issue them. Many newer plates may therefore only be available from the DVLA, who have unsurprisingly got in on the act of selling registration numbers which may be of particular interest to motorists.

Of course, this does not mean that third-party sellers do not also offer a selection of custom registrations, and you may find that it is they who hold the rights to your desired number plate. Purchasing from a third party is still done under the auspices of the DVLA, as the third party must go through official channels to transfer the right to use the registration number to you.

Purchasing a number plate will get you a V750 certificate of entitlement or a V778 retention document which will need to be signed by the individual who is named at the top of the form. What you are getting when you purchase a custom registration plate is the right to assign that particular registration number to a vehicle you own.

When you buy one from a third party seller, you may elect to simply gain the right to use the number and assign it to a vehicle yourself, or they may offer to assign the number plate to your chosen vehicle for you, saving you time and effort. If you purchase from the DVLA, you will need to apply to your local DVLA office to assign the registration plate. The exact procedure should be explained on your V750 certificate.

If you choose not to assign your new number plate immediately, it is important to note that the V750 certificate does actually expire after a certain period of time. The exact date of expiry will be included on the certificate, but you can renew your entitlement for £25 a year paid to the DVLA. It can be renewed for an extra 1, 2 or 3 years.

Rules and restrictions on custom number plates

It is important to note that there are a few rules when it comes to what registration numbers you may use on a particular vehicle. It’s illegal to put a numberplate onto a car that makes it look newer than it actually is. You may also not place a personalised numberplate onto a car with a ‘Q’ registration.

To have the actual number plate assembled, you should go to a registered number plate supplier.