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Familiarity Breeds Contempt Essay Topics


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Familiarity Breeds Contempt Essays and Research Papers

  • Familiar Breed Contempt
    Familiarity Breeds Contempt The phrase familiarity breeds contempt is a familiar phrase to some and not so familiar to others. It means the more a person knows...
    Words: 513 — Pages: 3
  • Seing
    their sword, they resign or accept the consequences of some wrongdoing. Familiarity breeds contempt This means that the more you know something or someone, the more...
    Words: 49721 — Pages: 199
  • Supervision Manual
    will set themselves apart from their group(s), supposing that familiarity breeds contempt, resulting divisions of other kinds. Others will attempt to integrate...
    Words: 2837 — Pages: 12
  • Guitar Method - Fuzzball
    Guitar Omnibus. Fuzzballs essential guitar knowledge and Guitar blah bla. Fuzzballs essential guitar knowledge. All the things you need to know if you are...
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  • How To Write Theme And Response
    write something like, "anything worth having is worth fighting for," "familiarity breeds contempt" or "the secret of success is constancy to purpose." The statement...
    Words: 1203 — Pages: 5
  • Computer Engineering
    life, familiarity breeds contempt. But when it comes to learning how to work in a highly abstract realm, familiarity breeds a sense of, well, familiarity meaning...
    Words: 1138 — Pages: 5
  • Igbo Proverbs
    Egbe bere ugo bere, nke si ibe ya ebena nku kwaa ya (may both the eagle and the kite perch but if one does not want the other to perch, may his wings break...
    Words: 46686 — Pages: 187
  • Tandooru Tastes
    Indian restaurants; that service personnel exhibit the attitude of ``familiarity breeds contempt;'' and that Indian restaurants do not realize that the restaurant...
    Words: 5933 — Pages: 24
  • Quotes
    Everything has its limit iron ore cannot be educated into gold. Familiarity breeds contempt and children. Few things are harder to put up with than the...
    Words: 576 — Pages: 3
  • Favorite Animal Essay
    of the following quotations: Absence makes the heart grow fonder or Familiarity breeds contempt or Honesty is the best policy. Coos Bay Schools Writing Prompts...
    Words: 1026 — Pages: 5
  • Idiots Guide To Verbal Self Defense
    Page i Verbal Self-Defense by Lillian Glass, Ph.D. A Division of Macmillan General Reference A Pearson Education Macmillan Company 1633 Broadway, New York...
    Words: 120545 — Pages: 483
  • Latin
    disci per convexa caeli volantes - Flying saucers Cotidiana vilescunt - Familiarity breeds contempt Cotidie damnatur qui semper timet - The man who is constantly...
    Words: 19885 — Pages: 80
  • Authoritarian
    Chapter 1 Exposing the authoritarian personality Jean McAvoy Contents 1 Introduction 1.1 1.2 Approaches to personality Personality and authoritarianism...
    Words: 11747 — Pages: 47
  • My Son
    the home-cooked meals, taxiing to various sports, the reading together, familiarity breeds contempt. I am critical, correcting him on his table manners 10 times in...
    Words: 4937 — Pages: 20
  • a House Is Not a Home
    in the starry night sky lacked their normal luster. Familiarity breeds contempt, meaning that once you gets familiar with something, it longer retains its uniqueness...
    Words: 525 — Pages: 3
  • Firewire
    economics of raising a family. sense when you think about it: if familiarity breeds contempt, then having separate places to retreat to means that you're more...
    Words: 2355 — Pages: 10
  • Commonly Used Proverbs
    fair lady Fair exchange is no robbery Faith will move mountains Familiarity breeds contempt Feed a cold and starve a fever Fight fire with fire F Flattery...
    Words: 3724 — Pages: 15
  • Dse141 C1
    ideas. F-Scale (Adorno 1950) F-Scale (Bass 1955) Familiarity breeds contempt Familiarity does not breed contempt No weakness or difficulty can hold us back if...
    Words: 2293 — Pages: 10
  • First, Break All The Rules
    familiarity breed contempt? and they responded The most effective managers say yes, you should build personal relationships with your people, and no, familiarity...
    Words: 1455 — Pages: 6
  • Proverbs Concise Dictionary of Proverbs © Oxford University Press, 2003 Published by Oxford University Press, Great Clarendon Street...
    Words: 180831 — Pages: 724
  • English
    familiarity or intimacy. As regards persons, familiarity is becoming restricted to the undesirable sense, as in the proverb, "Familiarity breeds contempt;" hence...
    Words: 206737 — Pages: 827
  • International Market Selection
    INTERNATIONAL MARKET SELECTION SCREENING TECHNIQUE: Replacing intuition with a multidimensional framework to select a short-list of countries A doctoral...
    Words: 112628 — Pages: 451
  • Shakespeare
    he will never command the respect a king must have. Henry feels that familiarity breeds contempt: only that which is rare and unusual is well respected. When he...
    Words: 7847 — Pages: 32
  • Who Is Going To Change?”
    the Westerns. In the US, however is often quoted that familiarity breeds contempt and the fraternizing runs directly opposition to business productivity. On the...
    Words: 1356 — Pages: 6
  • Globalization
    | 2014 | | Created by: Mohammad Abdelkhaleq | Did you know Encyclopedia | Includes most amazing, popular top ten listings and general information...
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  • Aesops Fables
    Aesops Fables This eBook is designed and published by Planet PDF. For more free eBooks visit our Web site at Aesops Fables The...
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  • Mergers And Acquisitions
    Words: 7311 — Pages: 30
  • On The Methodology Of The Positive Economic
    particular, though by no means peculiar to them. Familiarity with the subject matter of economics breeds contempt for special knowledge about it. The importance of...
    Words: 10226 — Pages: 41
  • Relationships
    is the likelihood of developing a partiality for it. With familiarity breeding liking more often than contempt, over a period of time exposure to another individual...
    Words: 2127 — Pages: 9
  • Tingz
    affect people, use melodies for the times of your life but remember familiarity heard may breed contempt. Rate this Article Click on the stars below to rate this...
    Words: 656 — Pages: 3

Familiarity Breeds Contempt.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt. :

Things usually look more attractive when looked at from a distance. Once it is near us it may not look so attractive as before. The moon when looked at from the earth seems very attractive. Once, we land on the moon, we find that it is not so white and fluffy as it seems from below. It is just a barren satellite of rocks and craters. So also the hills appear to be very attractive. They lose much of their beauty once we get near. Just like that it is always good to keep a distance from other people. It does not mean that you should not mingle freely with them but it is better if we keep a limit on our mingling. Too much mingling and unnecessary poking of our most into other people’s affairs creates contempt. It we see a person very day, we will start to lose interest in him. But if we see him only occasionally, he will remain an interesting person to us always. All of us must have experienced the joy of meeting some friends after a year or a couple of years. Similarly if we eat apples every day, although the apples are very tasty, we will find that we are getting fed up with the taste. The proverb tells us that too much familiarity with anything makes us bored and fed up with it soon.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt.