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Vietnam 2 Special Assignment Descargar Ares

March 18th, 1918: the nearest approach of planet Mars to Earth. The First World War suddenly changes into a War of the Worlds, when what appears as a meteor shower falls over a wood in Alsace. A few hours later, just after dawn, an army of giant alien fighting machines appear out of the trees and starts burning villages and houses with their lethal heat-rays, leaving pestilential trails of black smoke behind them.

A truce is hurriedly signed between the warring nations and, against the advancing Martian tripods, the best war machines of Earth are dispatched, manned by the most gallant and skilled warriors of our planet!

 In Wings of Glory - Tripods & Triplanes, the knights of the air of WW1 battle against colossal fighting machines sent by the Martians to invade Earth. Take control of an awesome Martian Tripod, set upon bringing death and destruction on our planet… or fly on the most advanced flying machines created by Mankind during World War One, and try to use them to win the War of the Worlds.

Tripods and Triplanes is a new, stand-alone game, but it is fully compatible with the WW1 Wings of Glory collection. With Tripods and Triplanes your aerial battles will never be the same! 

Wings of Glory is probably the most popular World War One aerial combat tabletop game in the world, with a great collection of pre-painted, ready-to-play model airplanes. Thanks to its elegant and innovative game system, it is possible to start playing minutes after opening the rules. Each airplane has a unique, historically accurate, maneuver deck, yet it is easy to play.

Wings of Glory - Tripods & Triplanes introduces a new twist to the game, as the historical setting is turned upside down by the crossover with H.G. Wells' imaginative novel "The War of the Worlds".

In Tripods & Triplanes, what should be the year the war ends becomes the Year of the Invasion. Two different generations of Tripods, one more advanced than the other, land on Earth, in two waves of invasion. Their alien technology and deadly weapons make them terrifying opponents for the Earthlings… Fortunately, the recent advances in weapon technology during WW1  give Mankind a fighting chance against these monstrous invaders...

Tripods & Triplanes is a stand-alone product, fully compatible with Wings of Glory. The rules and gameplay of Tripods & Triplanes are an extension of our Wings of Glory rules system - if you do not know how it works, take a look at this tutorial video.

You can also download the basic Wings of Glory rules from our website.

If you know how to play Wings of Glory, you already know how to play Tripods & Triplanes as an Earth player - so let’s look at the rules for playing as the Martian...

Are you already familiar with Wings of Glory and your pilots are itching to fight some tripods? By downloading and printing the Tripods & Triplanes PnP Mini-Starter, you can experience the thrill of pitting your WW1 airplanes against one of the first invaders - the Mk.I "Locust" Tripod. 

Why wait until July to play the game? You can play Tripods & Triplanes today. Just download the Tripod components and rules - and if you do not have yet any Wings of Glory airplane at home, download the Red Baron's Triplane as well.

This print-and-play kit is provided for personal, non-commercial use only. You are welcome to share photos of your prototype and your playtest on our Tripods & Triplanes Facebook page, or post them on your Instagram account with the #3and3 hashtag!

We are very proud of our excellent range of Wings of Glory models, and we are really eager to see the new Tripod models - which we will produce thanks to this Kickstarter - in action against them!

All models presented in Tripods & Triplanes are pre-painted and fully assembled, following the same high standard you find in the rest of the Wings of Glory product line. Each model includes all you need to play with it - a deck of maneuver cards, counters, and a tripod reference card. The models shown below are photos of actual production samples. Each model is from 5 to 10 centimeters (2 to 4 inches) tall.

Mk.I and Mk.II tripods both belong to the first wave of invaders, while Mk.III and Mk. IV are part of the second wave of the Martian attack.

The first tripod involved in combat with Earth forces, the “Locust” remains nonetheless one of the most feared Martian machines. Armed with lethal black smoke launchers, an effective heat-ray, and with an excellent combination of speed and armor, it has brought death and destruction to Humanity in a way which was never imagined before. 

The Locust model is 7 cm tall - in our WW1 1:144 scale, this means it is about 10 meters tall - a three-stories building.

With its powerful heat-ray and nearly-undestructible armored shell, the "Scarab" is the most fearful embodiment of the alien technology of the Martians, during the first wave of invasion.

The Scarab is 7 cm tall, like the Locust - a giant 10-meters high monster when scale is taken into account.

Agile and deadly, the “Squid” is one of the most lethal weapons of the Martian invaders. Its arrival often is a warning of the coming of a massive assault of the Tripods, but one of these scouts is well able to destroy Earthlings by himself.

The Squid is "only" 5 cm tall (more than seven meters). If you meet him around the corner, it's as tall as the second story in an apartment building.

Is the Mk.IV Tripod the ultimate weapon of the invaders… or is this monstrous achievement of alien technology just the forerunner of even worse things to come? With its powerful energy shields, long-range heat ray, multiple black smoke launchers, the “Cuttlefish” is as yet undefeated on the battlefield - but the best WW1 aces are ready to find out who will be the first to destroy one.

The Cuttlefish is the largest tripod we have developed until now - its model is 10 cm (4 inches) tall. A gargantuan hi-tech monster, towering above anything else on the battlefield!

  • Mk.I tripod is included in the Martian pledge level.
  • Mk. I and Mk. II tripods are included in the Invasion pledge level.
  • Mk.III and Mk. IV can be included as add-ons to any pledge level (see below for details).

Several pre-production copies of Tripods & Triplanes are now in the hands of independent reviewers, here is what they say about us!

 Click on the banners below to read the full articles. 

Note: According to our policy, we never use paid previews to present our products.

The Tripods & Triplanes Starter Set includes:  

  • Rulebook and Scenario Booklet 
  • 1 Tripod (Mk.I Locust) and 1 airplane (Navarre's Ni.16) minatures
  • 4 Tripod control boards
  • 2 Airplane control boards
  • 1 Tripod Maneuver deck
  • 1 Airplane Maneuver deck
  • 4 Airplane Damage decks
  • 3 Tripod Damage decks
  • 1 Airplane Combat ruler
  • 2 Heat-ray and 1 Black Smoke rulers
  • 4 sets of Tripod Action tokens
  • 4 Objective counters
  • 2 Black Smoke markers
  • 100+ Assorted tokens

Each Tripod pack or Airplane pack includes:

  • a fully painted and assembled miniature;
  • a maneuver deck
  • a vehicle reference card

See our product page for a full description of the WW1 Rules and Accessories Pack.  

Note: Colors of the airplane models shown are not final and may vary,

The indicated amount does not include shipping charges (see "Shipping and Shipping Charges", below).

For logistical reasons, the Earth Fights Back and Total War pledge level is only available in Canada, the United States and European Union.

Note: The delivery date of Total War is July 2018 - just like the other pledge rewards, not December 2017. Sorry for the mistake in the Rewards section, unfortunately it cannot be modified.

Retailers interested to support our project are welcome to contact us.

Here's a short guide to choose your pledge:

  • Martian if you want to start playing Tripods & Triplanes, but you cannot invest too much now.
  • Invasion if you want to enjoy the full Tripods & Triplanes experience and you already own (or plan to buy soon) some Wings of Glory airplanes.
  • The Earth Fights Back if you do not have any WIngs of Glory airplanes right now, and you want to be able to play Tripods & Triplanes at its best when you get your Kickstarter rewards. You will also get rules and airplanes to historical WW1 Wings of Glory.
  • Second Invasion if you want to enjoy the full Tripods & Triplanes experience, you already own (or plan to buy soon) some Wings of Glory airplanes, and you want to include all add-ons of the Kickstarter (except the Rookie bundle) at a reduced cost.
  • Total War if you want to enjoy the full Tripods & Triplanes experience, (and to play historical WW1 Wings of Glory), but you do not have WW1 Wings of Glory rules and airplanes right now. All add-ons of the Kickstarter (including the Rookie bundle) are included, at a reduced cost.

All pledges are good choices - it just depends what you are looking for!

 After achieving our initial funding goal, we are able to upgrade the game and add extra items to your rewards.

  • All "Martian" stretch goals are automatically included with all pledges from "Martian Pack" up.
  • All "Invasion" stretch goals are automatically included with all pledges from "Invasion Pack" up.

All stretch goals have been unlocked!

In this section, you find a selection of items you may optionally add to your rewards. The items listed include extra copies of components of the Tripods & Triplanes Starter Set (useful to play larger games) and a selection of products from the WW1 Wings of Glory range.

You can already find many Wings of Glory products in the best hobby games stores, physical or online so if you decide to look for them elsewhere, we're very happy with that! If you decide to pledge for them, the funds received will contribute to unlock the stretch goals of this Kickstarter.

Note: For logistical reasons, the "Rookie Bundle" Add-on is only available to Canada, USA and European Union backers.

You can include individual Add-ons just by adding the indicated dollar amount to your pledge and increasing it, using the "Managing Your Pledge" button - then, increase the minimum amount of the pledge by adding the cost of the add-ons you want to include.

You will indicate to us your specific choice of add-ons later - using our Pledge Manager system (available on after the end of the Kickstarter).

Add-ons ship free of charge to backers, together with the rewards of any pledge level. If you are pledging for "no reward" you will still be able to request add-ons using the pledge manager, but remember that shipping charges apply on top of the cost indicated above.

Apart from pledging, there are many ways to support us. Spreading the word is a key factor in the success of of a crowdfunding project, and your activity on social networks may help a lot!

Remember to use the #3and3 hashtag in your posts about us!

We expect Tripods & Triplanes to ship to our backers in July 2018. 

We will ship from our main warehouse in the USA and from secondary warehouses in Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong. No customs charges will apply to backers in Australia, Canada, European Union, Hong Kong or USA.

Shipping charges are highly variable by shipping method, destination, and they also change over time. For all these reasons, please do NOT include shipping charges as a part of your pledge at this moment.  

Before your rewards ship, you will have access to the "Pledge Manager" system on our website. There you will have an option to indicate your address and to modify your choice of rewards, if you want (for example, adding multiple copies). Shipping charges will be calculated and paid at that time.

Our current estimate of shipping charges is:  

  • $12 to $15 for rewards shipping to a destination in the Continental USA or Hong Kong;
  • $14 to $18 for rewards shipping to a destination in Australia / New Zealand;
  • $14 to $18 for rewards shipping to a destination in Canada;
  • $12 to $18 for rewards shipping to a destination in the European Union (this amount also includes VAT charges);
  • $ 25 to $45 for rewards shipping to a destination outside the territories indicated above.

We remain committed to make every effort to keep shipping charges reasonable, while using reliable shipping methods with guaranteed delivery.

Tripods & Triplanes is the result of the creative effort of many different talents.

  • Andrea Angiolino, Marco Maggi, Francesco Nepitello- Tripods & Triplanes Game Designers 
  • Andrea Angiolino and Pier Giorgio Paglia - Designers of the original Wings of Glory system
  • Bob Naismith - Sculptor
  • David Szilagyi - Main Art
  • Dario Calì - Additional Game Art
  • Gareth Hanrahan - Creative Writing
  • Fabio Maiorana - Art Direction
  • Laura Neri - Graphic Design
  • Roberto Di Meglio - Publisher & Producer

We must also give our special thanks to the video production team. I Licaoni, and to our voice talent, Laurence O'Brien.

Ares Games SRL is represented in the USA by Ares Games LLC (manager: Mr. James D. Long).

Risks and challenges

Tripods & Triplanes is our tenth Kickstarter project.
We already delivered eight Kickstarters successfully (Sails of Glory, Galaxy Defenders-Season 1 and Galaxy Defenders-Season 2, Age of Conan - Adventures in Hyboria, Wings of Glory-Giants of the Sky, Dungeon Time, Sword & Sorcery Wave 1, Divinity Derby) with very positive feedback from our backers. The fulfillment of the second, and final, wave of Sword & Sorcery rewards is in progress.
The production of our latest Kickstarter, Master of the Galaxy, is scheduled to begin this December.
Creating high-quality miniatures and boardgames is not an easy task. However, Ares Games has an excellent track record of publishing games with excellent components, such as those in our War of the Ring, Wings of Glory, and Sails of Glory product lines.
Our staff has strong experience producing board games, and from a production viewpoint, TRIPODS & TRIPLANES is on a similar complexity level to many items in our catalog. We don't envision any specific challenge associated with the production of this project.
Sculpting, tooling, and most of the artwork and graphic design are already fully funded, so there is no risk on pre-production. Funds from this project will be solely used for production and fulfillment.
The main risk at this stage is the project might ship later than scheduled, due to delays in the production pipeline. We will always prefer a reasonable delay to compromising on the level of quality we are looking for in all our games.
There are also risks of delays, as with any game manufactured in Asia, related to transport and delivery to our warehouse in the United States. These are also routinely handled by our logistic staff, but unexpected delays due to customs clearance, strikes, and exceptional weather are always possible, and may influence the time necessary to deliver the games to our backers.
That said, we've looked at the reasons why our past products have been delayed, and we are constantly reviewing our estimates to make them as accurate as we can.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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Minimum System Requirements
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