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Nmcsd Pediatrics Residency Personal Statement


Forty years from now I want to look back and feel proud that I had a positive impact in people’s lives. I am certain that pediatrics is a road that will lead me to this end after observing the very different outcome for two of my cousins born as Down syndrome babies. One lives in India, in a small town with limited access to pediatric care. Lacking proper guidance he grew up with a weak constitution and is completely dependent on his family for all activities of daily living. The other lives in the US. Under the guidance of her pediatrician, she has successfully adjusted to her condition and is now able to contribute rather than depend on her family. As a pediatrician this is the kind of impact I hope to make.
Even before I started medical school, I knew I wanted to work with children. I spent a lot of time taking care of younger relatives and enjoyed it tremendously. Medical school solidified my interest in working with the youth and taught me that pediatrics encompasses more than just caring about young people and getting along with them. It showed me that pediatrics is about understanding each individual child; about adjusting to their changing needs, concerns and temperaments. I got firsthand experience in educating and helping patients to lead a happy, healthy life as well as counseling parents on how to cope with the stress of having a sick child.

During my pediatric clerkships in medical school, I came across children with a variety of medical problems. What struck me was their remarkable resilience. There was the ten year old girl with tuberculosis of the spine who was unable to walk, the seven year old boy with rickets whose bones were so bent out of shape that he could not even stand and the 8 month old malnourished baby with a voracious appetite. Despite their suffering, they kept their spirits up. Being around them was such a pleasure; it prompted me to return frequently to the wards to share a few quality hours. These experiences strengthened my resolve to pursue a residency in pediatrics.

I have supplemented my medical education by volunteering, at a free clinic where I assist doctors. I have embraced this opportunity as a means for making the transition to the US medical environment. I am also volunteering at Children’s Hospital where I lend practical and emotional support to patients and their families. My experiences have given me the confidence that I have the necessary attributes to become a successful pediatrician.

There are several reasons why I expect to excel in pediatrics. First, I am passionate about promoting and contributing to child health. During my intern year of medical training in India, I witnessed numerous children struggle against hunger and disease. This has made me determined to reach out and deliver quality holistic care to children who have unmet needs. Second, I consider myself to be a clear and logical thinker, both of which are important qualities for a pediatrician. I believe that such mental clarity will hold me in good stead as a resident today and as a child physician in the future. Third, my patience, ability to listen to others and calm demeanor enable me to build a good rapport with patients, their families and fellow workers. Lastly, my appreciation of children, their innocence, honesty and unconditional love is a strong driving force for me to be a good health care provider for them.
As an international medical graduate, I will bring cultural diversity to your residency program. Living in the US for 10 years and in then India for 16 has given me exposure to some very distinctive ways of life. This has broadened my perspective, enabling me to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diversity between different societies. I am able to relate to people of different backgrounds and am in good position to bridge the gap between these cultures, which is especially valuable in the US, where people of many ethnicities reside.

As a child specialist, I would like to also provide community service by reaching out to the under-served population of children. Thus, I am looking for a program which serves a culturally diverse community and can equip me to work in healthcare shortage areas. Additionally, having enjoyed my first taste of research I want a program in which I can explore further research opportunities. Ideally, I would train in an environment of camaraderie and encouragement where residents support each other and the attending physicians foster an atmosphere of learning. To such a program I bring my passion for child health and enthusiasm for learning.

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