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Non Fiction Hero Essay Titles

31. A forest

32. A beach

33. Your favorite food

34. Playing a sports game

35. A road trip

36. Learning to drive

37. A snowy day

38. The birth of a child

39. A life-changing event

40. The future

41. Traveling

42. Your favorite song

43. Your earliest memory

44. Living in another country

45. A major achievement

46. A spider

47. A beautiful house

48. Walking down a quiet street

49. Revisiting places from childhood

50. What you want to be when you grow up

51. A hobby

52. A funny memory

53. A paranormal experience

54. Starting a new career

55. A Halloween costume

56. A day at school

57. Sitting in traffic

58. Meeting a famous person

59. A concert

60. A dance

61. The best place to write

62. Your favorite hangout spot

63. Your favorite item of clothing

64. Graduation

65. Learning a new language

66. Your first concert

67. Your first kiss

68. Your first date

69. Performing in front of a crowd

70. Making a speech

71. Acting in a play

72. An antique store

73. A souvenir

74. Your lucky charm

75. Running a marathon

A great narrative paper screams read me! If you are assigned to write an essay about your hero, then make sure to consider these ten interesting ideas for a narrative essay, so your essay will scream read me!

  • A Time of Failure
  • Everyone has a time that they have failed in life. Therefore, when planning your homework on your hero, think find a time that they failed, but do not leave it there. Instead, write a dissertation on the lessons learned.

  • An Encounter that Changed the Hero’s Life
  • When writing your term paper, see if you can find a time when your hero had a life changing encounter. Perhaps, it was a chance meeting with another person or reading a thesis that may have been written by a freelance ghostwriter.

  • A Time the Hero Made a Difficult Decision
  • The defining moment for many heroes is when they make a difficult decision. Locate this moment and write a term paper about it.

  • A Time a Hero Took an Important Stand
  • Consider when the hero took an important stand on an issue. When looking for a theme for your thesis, see if you can locate such a time in your heroes life.

  • An Experience that Altered The Hero Forever
  • Heroes are often formed when they are put in situations that alter his or her life forever. Some of these might include:

    • Rescuing someone from a fire
    • Saving a person who is drowning
    • Are diagnosed with a deadly illness
    • Become disabled
  • The Moment The Hero Decided to Change Their Life
  • Heroes often make a decision to overcome an obstacle in their lives. This makes a great topic for a narrative term paper when doing your homework.

  • An Experience that Helped the Hero Grow
  • Sometimes heroes have an experience helping them grow. Consider these topics when writing your dissertation for a thesis that screams read me!

  • An Important Discovery About your Hero
  • Sometimes heroes hide things from the public. A narrative essay can be written about these hidden facts or hire a freelance investigator to dig deeper into the person’s life for you.

  • A Day when Everything Went Right
  • Surprise your reader with a thesis about a day that everything went right in your hero’s life.

  • A Historic Event
  • Your hero may have been involved in a historic event so tell about it.

    Your hero has many experiences in their lives that deserve recognition. Choose from these ten interesting ideas for a narrative essay.